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Fleet and Asset GPS Tracking

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Drawing from our experience with thousands of fleet vehicles in service and vehicle robotics R&D since 2003, FASTRACS Fleet & Asset Tracking Systems and its sister company INDUCT, give managers the connectivity they need to receive operational information when they need it and in a form that is useful. We have developed our own hardware to serve a wide range of applications, from full service fleet management to very specialized M2M applications (M2M = Machine to Machine). In this way our client’s remote assets are just a click away to clearly show the information they need about the asset’s activities and movements - anytime from anywhere.

The versatile Corebox’s compact design makes it easy to install and conceal on all types of vehicles and equipment. Packed with powerful components and software, it is fit for all active tracking applications and is the right answer to all professional fleet and asset tracking needs.

The CoreboxThe Corebox is equipped with its own microcontroller, processor, memory, GPS receiver, quad band GSM/GPRS module, backup battery, USB port (for WiFi, Bluetooth or data storage applications). It is designed to plug in to a vehicle’s OBD or other Data Logger, but also to operate on stand alone. It provides remote access to available onboard data streams, real-time and/or historical. This includes GPS tracking, mileage, fuel consumption, idle time, vehicle diagnostics, eco-driving characteristics, and much more. Yet, it is remains programmable to provide only the information you want to track.

FASTRACS works closely with the end-user to integrate our solutions for greatest benefit, ROI, recovery period and bottom-line profit.

See at-a-glance comprehensive and clear displays of current vehicle positions, trip details, maps, tables and management reports that give you real-time and historical tracking data.

Details include real-time vehicle locations and speeds, trip start and end times and locations, maps showing routes taken, vehicle maintenance tables, and many other easily customized tools.

Instantly locate the nearest vehicle or all vehicles within a specified distance from a new customer or emergency service location, assign drivers to vehicles, create sub-fleets, label locations, set up maintenance alerts, and the list goes on.

Our GPS Asset Tracking and Monitoring Systems can track the vital signs of your operation on or off the road – movement, idle time, driver behavior, equipment usage, maintenance, inspections, unauthorized usage (off hours, out-of-area), and more.

Customized alerts bring security to remote assets, instantly advising of occurrences of tempering or theft.

FASTRACS offers state-of-the-art hardware and custom solutions with user-friendly, customer-driven features for unparalleled fleet & asset tracking and ultimate peace of mind.


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